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 Now offering Cirrus HD-OCT imaging:


The Cirrus HD-OCT is the most advanced eye imaging system on the market.  Designed and manufactured by world leader, Zeiss Meditec, the Cirrus offers unsurpassed views of the macula and optic nerve.  Not only does it show surface pathology, but actually reveals underlying tissue to illuminate what may lurk underneath.  This is a valuable test that we offer to young and old alike for preventative care as well as glaucoma management, macular pathologies, and retinal dystrophies.

Come in for your retinal analysis today.  Your analysis comes with a detailed discussion from your physician, with any and all questions welcomed. 


Humphrey Matrix Automated Perimetry


We are proud to have the Matrix Field Analyzer from Carl Zeiss available in our office.  This technology is a real breakthrough in my opinion in regard to early detection of glaucomatous or other types of field loss.  Patient friendly design helps us to get reliable tests from our patients, since visual field testing in the past has been tedious and ineffective. 

Reports are detailed, and help document change secondary to glaucoma. 


Visual field testing is a necessary and informative part of ongoing glaucoma management and care.  This test is always used in tandem with spectral domain OCT nerve scans since that instrument can catch nerve fiber layer dropout 3 to 5 years before an automated field test can. 


Digital Angle Imaging for Advanced Glaucoma Management


Digital Retinography System

We also have available a Digital Retinography System,  a robotic guided fundus camera which acquires retinal images almost entirely free of operator use.  It is quick, efficient, and offers a high res digital photo that you can view instantly with the doctor on a tablet PC. 

This is an excellent tool to help your doctor monitor your ocular health.  Screening photos are offered for a nominal fee with your eye exam and are strongly encouraged for everyone.  

Multi-field images can be taken for patients with certain types of diseases, and come with a physician's "Interpretation and Report,"  though billed at a higher rate than a wellness screening photo.