What Patients Are Saying

A note on our reviews:  

1.  These are reviews submitted through our payment system for those that pay by credit card.  Patients are given the option to leave a review when they receive their digital receipt.  

2.  Reviews are unsolicited as patients can opt to leave a review or not.  There is no penalty or reward whether or not a patient chooses to leave a review.  

3.  We do not have a "nagging" or "review padding" service such as DemandForce, as we believe reviews and feedback should be purely patient driven, without outside corporate influence.


Wait time was less than a minute, even though I arrived a few minutes early. Dr. Howe gave me a thorough exam, was informative and answered my questions clearly. I look forward to seeing how well the Rx works. Highly recommended.  by NG, submitted in 2019.

 Felt very comfortable with Dr. Howe. He was informative, friendly, and the rapport was excellent creating an environment that made me ask more questions seeking knowledge and conirmation. by PL, submitted in 2019.


I have never had to wait for a scheduled appointment and I am always confident that Dr. Howe has accurately evaluated whatever is happening with my eyes. He also gives very honest options and makes any not-so-good news palatable. Almost makes me look forward to my yearly visit (except for that dilating your pupils part!). Thanks for always taking such good care! by KC, submitted in 2019.


Love this guy!! by JE, submitted in 2019.


Tech talk with someone who understands. by KP, submitted in 2019.

Dr. thorough---Joe---extremely helpful--my wife will be next. by BS, submitted in 2019.

Most thorough eye exam ever. I appreciate Dr Howe's knowledge and professionalism. By JF, submitted in 2018.

 I especially appreciate having my eye conditions explained, with computer photos, no less.  Thank you!  by SP, submitted in 2018.

 Dr Howe is just so super friendly and easy to talk with. by MH, submitted in 2018.

Grateful for a doctor who explains things, and offers reasonable options.  by AP, submitted in 2018.

 Dr. Howe just always makes sure that I feel at ease with my eye situation even if for him it may just be very routine. I can't thank him enough! by SG, submitted in 2018.


Dr. Chad is very professional and very knowledgeable in his field! Great person 😃.  by PC, submitted in 2018.


 Dr Howe is everything you want in an eye doctor: professional, courteous and thorough. He also does something critically important and - unfortunately - all too uncommon among medical professionals: he listens! 5+ Stars!  by BD, submitted in 2018.

EXCELLENT provider!!!!  by DD, submitted in 2018.

 Great doctor,explained everything.  by RC, submitted in 2018.  

Comprehensive annual eye exam. Thoroughly enjoyed the visit with Dr. Howe. I couldn't have been more comfortable and at ease. Highly recommend! by KD, submitted in 2018.


 Dr. Howe always has time to listen after I had a traumatic experience with a diagnosis. He has been most supportive. by SG, submitted in 2017.


 Very friendly and down-to-earth doctor. Communicated well with my sixth-grader.  by KP, submitted in 2017.

 It was a pleasure meeting you today. I appreciate your thoroughness and personal manner. I would refer friends to you :)   by DC, submitted in 2017.


Very thorough exam, friendly individual, I would highly recommend Dr. Howe. by TB, submitted in 2017.


Very personable, professional and thorough. Most assuredly WILL recommend to friends and family.  by WC, submitted in 2017.


 Dr Chad is very thorough and professional. My eyes are in good hands! by JF, submitted in 2017.


 Go see Dr. Howe! You'll be glad you did! by JR, submitted in 2017.


Dr. Howe is so thorough, thoughtful, friendly. Best in Knoxville!  by GB, submitted in 2017.


 We are always greeted with a smile and "great to see you", from Dr Chad! He is very diligent in his exam and very patiently answers any questions we ask! He's the #1 Eye Man in my book!!  by AR, submitted in 2017.

 I liked everything about my appointment. Dr. Howe is great and so is Joe, I love them both.  by TK, submitted in 2017.

There's a great comfort level working with Dr. Howe as well as great feeling of confidence in the high quality of his knowledge and service. by CC, submitted in 2017.

 Best Eye Doctor on the Planet!  by JH, submitted in 2017.


Great visit. Love Dr. Howe. Everyone is so nice and knows what they are doing. Will only get my eye care here. Thanks guys, you're fantastic.  by LM, submitted in 2017.


Chad is a people person. Pleasant, easy conversation, and simple explanations.  by JL, submitted in 2017.

 I would highly recommend Dr. Howe and the staff at Clancy's! They walked us in immediately and solved all the problems we were having. The warm atmosphere feel comfortable and well taken care of!  by MC, submitted in 2017.

 Personal interaction and the interrelationship with the customer was outstanding. Clearly the client's satisfaction is of prime interest.  by WT, submitted in 2017.


 Dr. Howe, I picked up my new lenses yesterday and they are perfect! Thank you for taking the time to see me last Saturday. I will be back next year for my annual exam.  by JH, submitted in 2017.


You explain things so I can understand. You help me take better care of my eyesight. You don't rush. Simply, you're GOOD! Thanks.

by AP, submitted in 2017.


Could not have had a better experience!

by RG, submitted in 2017.

Dr. Howe is the best. I get my eyes examined yearly in large part because of him.

by DC, submitted in 2016.

 Dr. Chadwick Howe is as professional as he is personable. Very knowledgeable about what he's doing. Always a pleasure.

by TJ, submitted in 2016.

An eye exam with Dr Howe is always pleasant, informative and very thorough.

by JF, submitted in 2016.


Courteous and professional.  Dr. Howe was informative and efficient.  Overall visit was a positive experience.  Thanks, H.  

by HL, submitted in 2016.


Very happy here.  Have recommended your services to friends in this area.  

by JT, submitted in 2016.

Dr. Howe is a very knowledgeable and competent optometrist. He takes his time to make sure his patients have the best possible eyesight and he is very current in his care to make sure that happens.

By DG, submitted in 2016.

I appreciate Dr. Howe. He is someone who is very personable, knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. He is highly recommended in my book! 

by LM, submitted in 2016.


Best experience I've ever had at an eye doctor!! Will def be a repeat customer!

by JE, submitted in 2016.

Personalized attention was wonderful!

by DB, submitted in 2016.

Very good, knowledgeable doctor. Great doctor/patient skills.

by SA, submitted in 2016.

I felt confident in Dr. Howe's ability and enjoyed his friendly manner.

by BB, submitted in 2016.

Chad Howe is one of the best healthcare professionals in Knoxville. His easygoing personality and genuine compassion for his clients translates to probably the best service one could ask for in a professional relationship. I intend to recommend him to all of my friends. 

by JH, submitted in 2015.


Great Experience! Dr Howe is truly the Best!

by CB, submitted in 2015.

I felt comfortable and learned a lot. I feel like I got the best care. Also appreciated the attention I received in picking out my frames, wouldn't have wanted to do it without her assistance. I am already enjoying my glasses and couldn't be happier!

by KR, submitted in 2015.

Had some good conversation and appreciated all your input and use of good equipment.

by TV, submitted in 2014.

Chad was very pleasant and very thorough.

by LS, submitted in 2015.

This was a great experience and first visit. I appreciate great care!

by RF, submitted in 2014.

My husband and I are blessed to have Dr. Howe taking care of our eye needs. What a thorough exam, and such a learning experience. All "t's" crossed, and every "i" dotted! Thank you Dr. Howe!!

by MC, submitted in 2014.

Great professional service.

by AE, submitted in 2015.

There's a great comfort level working with Dr. Howe as well as great feeling of confidence in the high quality of his knowledge and service.