Insurance Accepted for Routine and Medical Eye Exam Services:

Spectera and Eyemed are no longer accepted.

Current Vision Plans:

Routine vision plans cover only the most basic examination and refraction in patients that only have a need for vision correction in the form of contacts or glasses.  If you have a medical problem with your eyes, we must use your medical insurance for examination (please see below).

**Eyemed plans are no longer accepted in any form**

**This includes plans that are farmed out to Eyemed via BCBS of TN (and Aetna) under various names such as Blue View Vision (or Aetna Eyemed)**

BCBS of TN:  Routine vision plans directly through BCBS are accepted.

Coverkids and Bluecare through BCBS TN does cover routine eye exams for patients under 21.

A note on vision insurance plans:

There are many vision plans that I am not partipating with and/or do not accept.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Vision plans are not truly insurance and are basically a way to prepay/finance a basic glasses exam plus a token amount toward materials, all while limiting doctor selection, often to corporate locations.  I strive to provide the best eyecare experience possible and will continue to decline participation in any plan that is an obstacle to quality and patient experience.  Examples of these are Davis Vision, Superior Vision, VSP, Spectera, and Eyemed.

Current Medical Plans:

In order to use any medical insurance plan, you must have a medical diagnosis (i.e. cataract, conjunctivitis) as the reason for your visit, as medical carriers rarely cover routine services for a well patient.

BCBS of TN:  network P, network S, network V:  accepted.

Bluecare, Tenncare Select, and CoverKids:  currently accepting patients.  Bluecare and Coverkids provides routine examination service only to those patients under 21.  

Cigna: most plans accepted.

United Healthcare: most plans accepted. 

United Healthcare River Valley:  We accept most all of these plans, we do not currently take UHC River Valley Secure Plus, or UHC community plan (a Tenncare medicaid program).  The River Valley member ID's always start with a JD in front of the number.

Humana  most networks accepted, including Humana Gold Choice Medicare plan.  The new Humana X product is also accepted.

TN Medicare (Cahaba GBA):  To use Medicare for medical examinations, you must have a medical diagnosis (i.e. cataract, conjunctivitis) as the reason for your visit.  Sometimes this is impossible for us to know ahead of time.  Please keep in mind that Medicare does not cover the refraction fee of $45 if you would like a glasses prescription.  

Medical Plans we can definitely NOT ACCEPT:

Aetna:  Aetna plans are no longer accepted due to an affiliation they have with Eyemed that prevents us from participating in their network.


United Healthcare community plans (This includes UHC Tenncare and Medicaid plans.)

 Please feel free to call us at (865) 539-2835 for the west office for any specific insurance questions or appointment times.

last updated: August 12, 2017 @ 9:22 AM